About ITS

We provide voice, data and internet connectivity on our Tier 1 national network. Our creative solutions focus on reducing the total cost of network ownership.

ITS Communications has a distinctive history in telecommunications. Since 1984 we have helped our customers enjoy Tier 1 telecommunications services and equipment at wholesale prices. ITS has experience as a WAN provider, VAR, master agent, and voice & data equipment vendor. Over the years we have enjoyed mutually rewarding partnerships with most of the Tier 1 carriers and major equipment manufacturers. At times this makes it seem like we have insider information on services and pricing.

Today we concentrate on reselling telecommunication services for specialty or niche markets that are either underserved or overpriced by the major providers. We offer customized data networking solutions that prove invaluable to our customer’s business success. On an ongoing basis we research carrier offerings to design networks that best fit the customer’s requirements rather than forcing the customer to adapt his requirements to meet the “network solution of the day” being sold by most carriers. Not only do our network engineers develop the most efficient network design, but we also use our knowledge and purchasing power to offer the service at very attractive rates.

After the sale, our dedicated Network Support Team fully manages the installation process, billing and repair support. All installations are handled by a dedicated Project Manager who provides timely updates and explanations throughout the process. Billing inquires are initiated via a simple phone call to a billing specialist or online. With 24/7 repair each trouble report is continually monitored and escalated to the maximum extent allowed by the underlying carrier. We do not have an automated answering system so your call goes directly to the ITS employee assigned to your account. No phone trees to work through or complicated automated attendants. Of course there are times when your representative may be busy caring for another customer. When that happens you simply leave a voicemail and your call will be returned shortly.

ITS allows you focus on your business. We take over all aspects of the job so you can spend your valuable time doing what you do best… growing your business.