Direct Internet Access

A connection to the Internet is considered essential for every business today. ITS provides customers a full range of network offerings at very competitive prices.

There are three main types of connections available for accessing the Internet: Dial Up, Switched and Dedicated. Dedicated connections refer to any circuit that is permanently connected to some type of Internet access. There are a number of different types of “always-on” connections, ranging from 56K through OC-N connections.

Fixed Service is the most common type of Internet connection available. Bandwidth is assigned at a specific usage level and charged at the corresponding rate for the month, regardless of how much or often it is used. This type of service allows a company to have a fixed cost for a connection to the Internet.

Burstable Service is a service offering that is extremely attractive to companies with erratic Internet usage. With this type of service, a company receives a dedicated connection (usually a DS-1) into the Internet and selects a specific bandwidth tier that best fits their usage. Regardless of the bandwidth tier selected, the company has full use of the available bandwidth and may “burst” their traffic to the full capacity available. ITS monitors that circuit and takes traffic samples at specified times throughout the day; at the end of the month, the usage is averaged out and the company is charged for the corresponding usage tier.

ITS offers:

  • DS-1 1.5 Mbps Fixed
  • DS-3 45 Mbps Fixed
  • DS-3 12, 18, 25, 32, and 45 Mbps Burstable

You are only a click away from a reliable, cost effective solution to your DIA needs.