Intrastate PTP

ITS Point to Point Circuits (Intrastate & Interstate)
If secure, reliable and fast transfer of information is a vital need for your company, then a dedicated circuit is the ideal solution. ITS point to point circuits can handle data connectivity and voice over IP. This is your own private network with service that you don’t have to think about.

Networking solutions:
ITS offers an array of networking options, including point to point and multi-point facilities. This provides the flexibility and capacity that business applications demand. ITS offers bandwidth options up to DS3.

Personalized care:
With dedicated project management and the expertise of a personalized point of contact, customers can be confident that their orders will always be well-managed. ITS provides 24/7 customer support, technical assistance, and proactive monitoring to help keep customers online whenever they do business.

Usage of the dedicated circuit is exclusively yours. Our network is designed with a target SLA of 99.9% reliability. Point to point circuits are provided with capabilities to carry voice, data, and video traffic in many types of different configurations. The bandwidth is there for you exclusively, all of the time.

You are only a click away from a reliable, cost effective solution to your Intrastate PTP needs.