MeetPoint T1

Meet Point T1

MeetPoint T1 is a private line point to point, intralata/interlata data circuit between two different local telecom provider service areas. Because the MeetPoint T1 is a private line data circuit, without any public access or sharing, it is more secure than VPN, MPLS, or other shared alternatives.

Customers often don’t consider MeetPoint T1’s due to their high cost when ordered through Tier 1 telecommunication carriers. Customers can now add this ultimate security option when designing their networks, because ITS has solved the cost issue and is able to offer these circuits at very competitive rates.

Benefits of a MeetPoint T1 from ITS

  • A Single invoice
  • Single carrier contract
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Interlata / Intralata
  • Interstate / Intrastate

Check out details below

  • Available in 50 states
  • Intrastate and Interstate
  • Includes both local loops and IOC transport
  • Tiered pricing on IOC and loop mileage
  • Loops are terminated as determined by the LEC. Normally on copper
  • Loops can be terminated on customer owned facilities with appropriate LOA / CFA
  • Interstate tariff restrictions apply
  • Tier 1 underlying carrier
  • Variable contract length (12 month minimum)
  • Termination charges apply for cancellation of order for service prior to install or for early contract termination
  • Clear channel (B8ZS-ESF)
  • Installed to MPOE
  • Each installation in handled by an ITS Project Manager
  • 24×7 repair provided by ITS


You are only a click away from a reliable, cost effective solution to your MeetPoint T1 needs.