Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

This next-generation intelligent network is able to deliver a wide variety of value added services over a single infrastructure. Companies can cut costs, converge legacy systems (IPSEC, ATM, FR) and improve the overall end- to-end QoS of their network. MPLS breathes new life into existing networks enabling them to meet current and future growth requirements. Customers no longer need to remove everything and start over from scratch when upgrading their network technology.

MPLS operates independent of access technologies by tagging IP packets with labels that give routing and priority information. This traffic management technique allows the development of highly efficient and scalable networks. MPLS provides the flexibility of routing combined with the performance of layer 2 switching while operating totally on an Internet Protocol infrastructure.


Denial of Service attacks and unauthorized network access are protected against in both the control and data planes of the MPLS network. Although MPLS is an IP based technology, its operation is totally secure from all other public internet traffic. Companies desiring the highest degree of security (Finance, Healthcare, Research) may also want to evaluate the cost of utilizing a totally secure network of dedicated private line transport like our MeetPoint T1 circuits

Benefits of MPLS from ITS

  • Single Invoice
  • Aggressive Pricing
  • Integrated end-to-end solution
  • Network design services
  • Tier 1 underlying carrier
  • Network access circuits
  • Edge hardware including routers and switches
  • Optional management capabilities
  • 24×7 repair provided by ITS
  • Variable contract terms
  • Dedicated ITS Project Manager for every installation
  • Available in all 50 States

You are only a click away from a reliable, cost effective solution to your MPLS needs.