Cell Towers

Back haul traffic from remote locations can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome on new cellular sites. Customers wince at the prices they get from the big Tier 1 carriers, but they’re left with no other alternative but to pay the freight.

Not anymore! ITS’ Meet Point T-1’s offer cell tower clients a low cost alternative to their back haul traffic dilemma. Our underlying carrier is Tier 1, but our prices are not! We can reach anywhere and backhaul all your voice and data requirements for incredibly low prices. We provide solutions that are tried and true. Our bullet proof DS-1 connections may not be fancy, but they get the job done in places where your cell site is located, but fiber is not!

Whether you’re a cellular operator or a cell tower owner, we can bring you and your clients the connections they need to make the business model work in remote locations. ITS provides cellular clients the meet point circuits they need in any state. Any state – Alabama, California, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin…you get the picture.

ITS Communications back haul experts!