Healthcare providers must keep up with the latest breakthroughs in medicine in order to provide patients the best in comprehensive care.  The well being of the patient can be greatly affected by the technology that surrounds them in a medical center, community hospital or clinic setting.  Easy access to specialists, subspecialists and technologists can be a deciding factor in a patient’s overall wellbeing.  

Today’s healthcare administrators are required to bring medicine, technology, knowledge and compassion together in order to provide a quality patient care experience.  ITS can supply the telecommunications network that brings these factors together. 

For more than 25 years ITS has designed networks for healthcare providers to keep all their people communicating.  Whether the application is to link remote clinics with community hospitals or provide ready access to specialists or technologists – ITS leads the way in providing low cost communications solutions.

Our private line network solutions give healthcare providers the fast secure connections required to keep critical information moving.  These are dedicated links between two locations that provide a reliable and constant data path with a guaranteed throughput.  With our secure T-1 networks confidential information remains safely secure from the public network domain.

ITS can also design virtual private networks that give hospitals the flexibility and reliability of the Tier one carriers without having to pay the exorbitant Tier one carrier price.  Our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution supports multiple communications protocols and allows users to prioritize network applications such as voice, data and video.   MPLS is an all-IP infrastructure (securely separated from public internet traffic) providing direct connectivity to disparate locations and is available in a wide range of access speeds.  Healthcare providers who are converging legacy systems (FR, ISPEC, ATM) onto a common infrastructure can benefit from the versatility of any to any communications available with MPLS. 

ITS Communications can give healthcare providers the expert guidance they require when updating their telecommunications network technology.  Even if they’re located in Mississippi, North Dakota, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Nevada, Indiana, well…you get the picture.